Suggestions (v1.0) 11/05/2013

We’re Live!

I was planning on waiting a little longer for the public v1.0 release, but after playing around with this new feature, I’ve realized that it’s ready. After much work from contributors, we now have fully fleshed out characters stats and more refined advice generation.

A Bonus: Suggestions

The tool will now make suggestions based on what characters you have in your lineup. I wasn’t planning on getting this finished until later, since I figured it would be a big time sink, but I actually managed to get it working pretty well.

Basically, it calculates the advice for each possible new lineup and tries to maximize good advice and minimize bad advice. Long story short, it unfairly avoids filling the Disables, since they are the highest category. I ultimately want to move to weighted advice and a quantitative system in general, but for now this is what we have.